Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life is a Special Occasion!

Last week we celebrated our 2 year anniversary at the USA's largest manufacturer of greeting cards. In true form, we went a little overboard with our celebrations for this type of occasion. We wore festive t-shirts, made punch and cookies, and generally were very excited.

We stuck with purple for the theme, accented with gold napkins and multicolored Belly Flops.

These monster cookies are NOT from Sisters Bakery, but were still very good. Similar recipe here, but add peanuts and stuff.

Belly Flops - my new obsession. I thought they were IMITATION Jelly Bellies at first, but I soon discovered they were simply defective/irregular Jelly Bellies for a fraction of the cost! Say it isn't so!

I am the punch queen! The great thing about party punch is that you just need to pick a color and go with it. Grab a pop/soda + juice + sherbet in that color, add lemonade and ginger ale, and it will taste good 99% of the time. Also, I call it SURE-BURT.

So send a card. It's the biggest little thing you can do.

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