Friday, May 11, 2012

Arm Party

You know you've been reading too many fashion blogs when someone tells you, "Hey, I like all those bracelets!" Then you say, "Thanks, but actually, it's an ARM PARTY!"

That just happened. And I don't even think I have a legit "Arm Party" because I think I need something linky or ropey or colored.

I did want to take a moment to rant about how much I love my Michael Kors watch. I bought it when I got a big girl job, and I'd really never worn a watch before. Because it is gold and silver, I feel like I can wear either/both metals everywhere else on myself to any degree. I've worn it nearly everyday for the past two years. You should get one yourself!
Kate Spade
Michael Kors

The Kate Spade tennis racket tennis bracelet is a new fave of mine. I'm pretty into tennis apparel lately. The other two bracelets are a mystery in their origin.

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