Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jersey Girls

Long time, no see! I just went to New Jersey. It was a fabulous time filled with cute nautical outfits, crab cakes, beaches, boats, lighthouses, casinos, and far fewer tan juice-head guidos than MTV lead me to expect.

We started the trip off right with a quick sun soak in the backyard.

Night Circus

We wore cute rings.

Chevron Ring

Anchor Ring

 I made us some fabulous t-shirts by dip dying them and using the freezer paper method to apply the design.

Along with matching t-shirts, we all had matching friendship bracelets!

Madewell Friendship Bracelets

We took a boat ride and saw pretty things.

We had goodies waiting for us when we arrived!

We made raspberry summer brew.


We walked into the sunset together.

There were many patterns and nautical accents.

Colorblock Cardigan, Triangle Necklace
Nautical Bracelet, Costa Blanca Tank
Tribal Bracelet

We went to Long Beach Island and climbed a light house.


We wore cute kicks.


And no kicks.

 There were also a lot of J. Crew Patterns (lobsters, anchors, ect).

There were also long walks on the beach.

And skips on the beach.

And polka dots!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cheap Necklaces

Fringe Necklace
So, I know knock-offs are terrible for the fashion community, but I can't resist what Ebay has to offer. A $16 fringe necklace?! Yes, please! Not to mention bubble necklaces, bib necklaces, Anthropologie & J.Crew lookalikes, ect!