Monday, February 11, 2013


My lovely friends and I ventured to the great white north (Minneapolis) this weekend. What were we thinking going to Minnesota in February?! We were thinking - I really want to drink a lot of wine and get trapped in a blizzard!


Does anyone utilized Pedialyte as much as I do to cure those days after you drink a box of wine? Well you should. Sometimes I crave Pedialyte, not because I feel sick, but because I'm pretty sure I could feel better!

We bought these lovely BFF necklaces from Francesca's

We took pictures of random things: owl necklace, tassel necklace, turquoise flower ring, Essie nails in Turquoise and Caicos, Holly Lolly nails, and of course a Franzia box.

When we weren't drinking Pedialyte, we had delicious espresso!

We stole some guys glasses/he left them at our home. Looking geek chic, huh?!

Then we drove home in a blizzard... followed by rain, followed by fog, followed by wind. Oh Midwestern travel!

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