Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cinco de Kentucky Derby Bachelorette

I don't really like bachelorette cliches: penis straws, getting so drunk you spew, acting like a cat in heat. I do those things regularly (kind of) and don't plan to stop when I get married!

But anyway, I DO love themes! So Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby falling on the same day as my bachelorette party was a happy situation for this gal.

We started off the Kentucky Derby pub crawl with a mint julep from the Cashew. Surprisingly un-minty.

Cute hats were worn, and ladies be lookin' classy (and texty)!

And then of course there was my bridal beauty! That little veil thing from Forever 21 was certainly worth the $6 I spent on it!

I'm not proud of this piƱata... I had great plans for it, but I fell short. It was filled with two jolly ranchers, and we didn't even bust it open until Seis de Mayo. Oh well, everything is okay when you have a hat on.

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