Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Steps to a Great Wedding {Step 3}


I entered a contest to win a free photography session by A Shafer Photography on Facebook. Shockingly, we won (I never win anything). It was awesome to win something that is such a big chunk of wedding change.

Try browsing the internet for things you can win. Cakes, photos, dresses! It's worth a try!

I was extremely impressed with the photos we got back. Aren't you?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Steps to a Great Wedding {Step 2}


We did our best to create an affordable wedding, and one of the easiest ways to do that was to use things we already had around. I'm not talking about little DIY things (which you should also be doing). Think about planting a garden of a flower you want to incorporate in your wedding. Try using decor meant for your yard or house instead of buying something wedding-specific. Look at everything as a wedding supply!

Photo by Jessica Fertig
My parents were planning on building a gazebo for their yard, so they let me use the framework as my backdrop . Extra good idea - they actually had it constructed by some high school boys in shop class. So instead of a cheapo prom archway, I could hang my signature chandelier from a sturdy metal structure.

Photo by A Shafer Photography         

We swiped some hydrangeas from the yard to use in the aisle hangers. 

Photo by A Shafer Photography

Photo by A Shafer Photography 
We also harvested pampas grass from months ago to use as accents on the gazebo. I ended up buying most of the peacock feathers we used online or at Hobby Lobby, but consider contacting a local peacock farmer for better prices. Be resourceful!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Steps to a Great Wedding {Step 1}

I recently said "I do" to my special someone. I am not the biggest perfectionist and only had about four months to plan, so I've collected a few steps to help you make your wedding a great one. Take notes!


Marrying someone foreign ensures your wedding will be unique and festive. Most cultures tend to be a little more festive than the Midwest. Also, if anything goes wrong, you can claim it was just a part of your fiance's culture!

Cake unveiling was something I'd never seen before I married into my Jamaican family, but it was great that the moms had a special role in the reception. The guests' cake was already in boxes on the tables, so there was no need for cake cutters or servers.

Photos by A Shafer Photography 

But, somehow or another we didn't have our serving set in the right place at the right time. It's OK! We just used a butter knife. If anyone would have asked, I would have said it was a Jamaican tradition.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sister City - Minneapolis, MN

I visited the beautiful city of Minneapolis this weekend with some of my Ya-Ya Sisters. I pretty much consider it my second home, as one of the Sisters lives there. It has a great feel and typically enjoyable weather.

Pretty flowers on a random walk.

Walking around outfit - Target top, Free People Shorts

Empty quail egg shell from Masu. Noms.