Saturday, March 10, 2012

Operation Sports Movie Marathon

My fiance underwent knee surgery this week. Thankfully, I had the day off to take care of him. Translation - I had the day off to watch movies and make themed snacks. We chose sports-themed movies because there is usually a knee/leg injury of some sort involved. We decided to enjoy a variety of sports, so we watched Bend It Like Beckham, Friday Night Lights, Coach Carter, and we didn't quite get to Warrior. Sorry MMA.

 For eats, I decided on a sloppy-joe-grilled-cheese! My fiance, is weirded out when I try and combine ideas. He said he'd prefer a sloppy joe followed by a grilled cheese. What does he know?! He ended up liking it.

I also decided to make candy bar cookies. Again, fiance wanted candy bars and cookies separately. I really just used refrigerated dough and shoved a mini candy bar in the middle. I'm not ashamed. It was delicious.

And, of course, we quenched our thirst on the ultimate sports drink - Gatorade.

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  1. I want sloppy joe grilled cheese! LOVE ME SOME CHEESE :)