Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oppa Sherlock Style

This weekend there was a fabulous melding of my husband's Sherlock Holmes-themed birthday, my brother's return from South Korea, and Thanksgiving. My family planned some fabulous Sherlock activities, including props, some weird board game that I immediately lost at, and a giant book!

We had a polka dot cake in chocolate. My spouse doesn't like his desserts to creative. This was as far as we could take it.

Korean socks truly are the best socks I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Typically, I hate socks, but Korean socks are the perfect texture and always embellished with some fun person or animal. Sometimes they even have noses or tails. It also makes it easier to keep track of them!

Gangnam Style socks brought back from Korea - chocolate AND vanilla.

PSY CD actually from South Korea!

Hat, pipe, book, and Korean Jesus (not pictured, but always watching).

Sherlock Holmes board game - now featuring the Time Machine!