Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sushi Party

Obviously my family has a fondness for theme parties.

Uhni, the birthday girl, really summed up the party accurately, "Thanks all. The theme of my bday party was multi-Asia. haha Japanese sushi, Chinese food, Indian-ish curtain and a half Korean baby."

We decided to throw a sushi/mixed Asian themed birthday party for my brother's wife (who's from Korea). There are so many cute sushi-themed ideas on Pinterest, we had no shortage of options.

Here was the spread! Real sushi, sushi cake, candy sushi, and Chinese food.

My mom made this awesome cake! We kind of followed this idea, but we couldn't find any green Fruit Roll-ups. She ended up getting sugar sheets from Hobby Lobby. The rice is actually coconut and the roe is made of pomegranate seeds.

There are tons of good candy sushi tutorials online. I kind of followed a combination of several to make a cute, delicious, and relatively easy snack.

World Market is a great place for international-themed parties. I found chocolate covered fortune cookies and cute little Asian Harajuku-like cards and boxes.


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