Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Very Classy Easter

My Easter was interesting. As with most holidays over the past year, I joined Sister's Bakery for some sugar cookie decorating. I just celebrated my One Year Anniversary with Sister's, thank you very much.

Then we went to church of course... 7 am church! Cute outfit, huh?

(Don't know how well you can see those pockets, but they each hold a wine bottle perfectly!)
Then my husband decided to drag me on a 100+ mile joy ride with a bunch of hooligans while I was wearing my Easter best. Nothing more traditional than a Volvo Tokyo drifting around Missouri with a polka dot clad screaming wife!

Then we celebrated Easter/Mom's Birthday with a cheese tournament (complete with bracket...sort of), wine, and a macaron cake (more on my macaron obsession later).