Monday, October 22, 2012

Campfire Birthday

My family arranged a lovely birthday party for me this weekend. I told them I wanted a campfire theme, because I've been extremely into s'mores for... ever. It was executed splendidly! It was cloudy/rainy/windy, so we had it inside. 

Obviously, this is what you wear to a camping-themed birthday party. Flannel/plaid, army green, and red Keds. It's the uniform.

The setup.

Wine and fancy sodas from around the world!

Custom-stamped wrapping paper by my mom.

Personal mac & cheese bakes. Just mix cooked noodles, shredded cheese, bacon, hot dogs, jalapenos, queso, whatever you like. Then bake!

And of course, s'mores! The snack that started it all. And not just any s'mores, we had 3 kinds of graham crackers, 3 kinds of chocolate, 2 kinds of marshmallows! After eating 3, I realized I should have made a bacon s'more. Maybe next time. Someone else give it a shot, k?

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