Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My amigo and I headed to Weston Applefest a few weeks ago. I hadn't realized until the past few years how INTO AUTUMN people get around here. Like, seriously! In August people were already constantly fantasizing about pumpkin lattes and boots! Anyway, autumn is pretty great, especially when you attend festivals!

We learned how apple butter is made! That is, after I realized he wasn't making salsa.

(By the way, Joe, I put the long spoon in the apple butter).   

Then we ate apple dumplings. I didn't really know what an apple dumpling was, but it came with ice cream so I was game.

In general, Weston has lots of crafts and specialty items. My favorite booth there was the candle booth. The scents, and their names, were fantastic! Some of my favorites were clean undies, handyman, and pub.

I picked candy corn. I don't regret my choice for a second.

We wore quite similar outfits to this event. I guess gingham puts you in an apple mood... apple puts you in a gingham mood? 

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