Monday, August 13, 2012

Steps to a Great Wedding {Step 1}

I recently said "I do" to my special someone. I am not the biggest perfectionist and only had about four months to plan, so I've collected a few steps to help you make your wedding a great one. Take notes!


Marrying someone foreign ensures your wedding will be unique and festive. Most cultures tend to be a little more festive than the Midwest. Also, if anything goes wrong, you can claim it was just a part of your fiance's culture!

Cake unveiling was something I'd never seen before I married into my Jamaican family, but it was great that the moms had a special role in the reception. The guests' cake was already in boxes on the tables, so there was no need for cake cutters or servers.

Photos by A Shafer Photography 

But, somehow or another we didn't have our serving set in the right place at the right time. It's OK! We just used a butter knife. If anyone would have asked, I would have said it was a Jamaican tradition.

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