Monday, June 25, 2012

Neck Candy

So, I just got back from my honeymoon - or as I like to call it - nectarsun. I'll post more on my wedding and other adventures soon! However, here are some examples of the pretty necklaces I rocked while in Mexico.

I like orange. My mother-in-law made me this necklace several years ago. It's totally made out of real rocks!

My hubs calls this my "hip-hop" outfit. I was really trying to go more J.Crew, but either way it was a good pool-side pop of color!

I wore this necklace to Crococun to visit some snakes, crocodiles and lizards. I thought its dino-like appearance was appropriate for the outing.

I've had this turquoise beaded necklace for years. I got it from World Market, which is a great place to get unique, affordable, tribal-ish jewelry.

I actually got this necklace at Halls, a departments store subsidiary of Hallmark Cards. That's right, I payroll deduct this stuff, and with a DISCOUNT! And everyone thought I got it in Mexico.

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