Monday, April 23, 2012


Anyone out there have a tiny closet? That they share with a Jamaican guy? Well, I do! So I've been trying to get organized... in a cute way. The cute part is possibly more important than the practical part.

Since we don't have much space, I basically have to just let it all hang out.

I hung my necklaces as decorations on the wall. I just used clear plastic tacks. You can't see them, and they don't leave much of a mark. You could even try putting a gold picture frame around them or something.

Yep, I used the same clear plastic tacks to hang my my belts in my closet. It actually brightens up my closet (and yes, you can see my entire closet in this shot).

This gold tray is a nice place for my rings and perfumes... on his side of the counter. Maybe he puts up with it because it's cute?

 This array of bangles hangs out on a paper towel dispenser. No, I don't wear half of them.

And finally, this cute jewelry tray organizes my earrings, odds, ends, and essential oils in my bathroom drawer.

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