Monday, November 18, 2013

Friendsgiving Festivities - 2013

My friends and I got together for our first Friendsgiving this weekend. We took some ques from Buzzfeed, and it was really a blast preparing. I felt like we got a chance to practice bringing a meal together (like grownups or something). Props to the hostesses who made it a great night!

Thank goodness there was a cheese platter with JAM. Jams my favorite. And preserves. And marmalade. 


Crafty Beth made candle holders out of apples. I acquired various supplies from my apartment complex. Yes, this involved me sneaking around in the dark cutting up bushes. The usual.

I made a couple of tassel garlands. They took me a surprising long time, but easy work!

I also made some flower crowns inspired by A Beautiful Mess. They have a lot of cute Friendsgiving tips here & here.

Yes, I managed to incorporate a new bird (Phez). Sorry, Petey.

Not everyone got a crown, but at least everyone got a flower!


And dessert....

Have a Friendsgiving. It'll be fun!

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